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Catching Up With An Old Friend, Ubuntu.

Since getting my iPhone some 18 months ago, I hardly turn on my desktop PC. I can do almost anything that I need to do on my iPhone. As a result my desktop PC had fallen in to a state of ruin. Last night I decided to try to tidy it up a little.

My desktop PC started out with Ubuntu 8.04 and I've upgraded each time a new release came out. As a result it had accumulated a lot of crap throughout the years. So I removed X and a lot of the CLI bits and bobs that I'd installed. Stripped it back to as much of a bare metal install as possible. Then used tasksel to install Ubuntu desktop and went from there.

It's all back up and running and I'm quite impressed with Ubuntu 10.04. I can't talk for other distributions but Ubuntu has made massive steps in the right direction over the years. I can now plug in my iPhone 4 and Rhythmbox will pop up and allow me to play my iTunes library. And the Gwibber social client is a great replacement for TweetDeck.

It's these simple things that will appeal to your average desktop user. Great work Ubuntu!

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