David Ramsden

My 196bhp Peugeot 106 Track Toy

I've owned this 106 for quite a few years now. It stated life off as a humble 1.4 8v, standard gearbox, standard suspension. Standard everything. It's now a 196bhp naturally aspirated track toy but it's still usable as my daily driver.

At this stage I've got to say a massive thank you to Pug1Off who have done all of the major work, such as original engine conversion to a 1.6 16v and the current purpose built race engine. And credit to Northampton Motorsport who mapped the race engine.

Engine (built by Pug1Off) - 196.3bhp @ 8000rpm, 135.7lb/ft

  • 1.6 16v C2 (TU5JP4)
  • Re-bore and flowed head
  • Oversized pistons
  • One piece valves
  • Catcams 737's
  • Race bearings
  • AT Power throttle bodies
  • Emerald K6 ECU
  • 4-2-1 manifold
  • Mocal 13 row oil cooler
  • Lightened and balanced flywheel
  • Aluminium crank pulley


  • VTR gearbox
  • Quaife ATB differential
  • SatchShift
  • Helix Organic clutch


  • -45mm Eibach springs
  • GrpN Bilstein shocks
  • B8 Bilstein dampers
  • GrpN upper and lower engine mounts
  • Powerflex gearbox mount
  • OMP upper brace
  • OMP lower brace
  • Disc rear beam with 24mm rear ARB


  • 266mm callipers
  • Ferodo DS3000 pads
  • Tarox JapanSport discs
  • Braided lines
  • Motol RBF660 fluid

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