David Ramsden

Open Source Autodiscover Implementation in PHP

Autodiscover is a Microsoft protocol, with pretty good documentation, that allows mail clients and mobile devices to automatically configure mail settings based off of the user's email address. It's a “zero touch” configuration protocol. The user just needs to supply their email address, username and password and by utilising Autodiscover the mail client or mobile device can request server settings to complete the configuration.

Many mail clients now support the Autodiscover protocol and most smartphones do also.

I wasn't able to find any Open Source implementations of Autodiscover so set about reading the Microsoft documentation and within a few hours had something working that can be used to automatically configure mobile devices (ActiveSync) and MUAs (mail clients, such as Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010).

As a side note, I'm also using Z-Push to implement ActiveSync.


  1. autodiscover.php (v1.0)