David Ramsden

Cage The 106

I was having a little break from doing anything more to the 106 but then a roll cage come up for sale and it was too good to pass up on. It's a 6 point cage, in red, fits around the sunroof and doesn't penetrate the dash. Every box ticked! Made by Geronimo Cages (Hartlepool) but I don't think they're in business anymore. The seller was just up the road and said he'd help fit it. Got it in within a couple of hours and I finished it off this weekend.

Not great pictures, thanks mostly to the daylight fading and using my iPhone. Excuse how unclean the bodywork is too. That's a job for next weekend.

Also replaced the fuel line that runs from the fuel filter, inside the car, through the bulkhead and to the fuel rail. Had a slight accident last weekend with a knife when initially fitting the cage.

What's next? I'd like the overhaul the brakes. There's too much going to the rear callipers which makes the car "squirm" under heavy breaking. So the plan is to run fully braided lines, have them run inside the car and fit a bias lever so that I can adjust the rear brake bias. On a dry track day the lever would be all the way forward so that the rears aren't doing anything. The problem comes about because the car is stripped out at the back and there's no load compensator on the rear callipers.

This year I'm hoping to get to Castle Combe and Silverstone. There's also talk of a trip to the Nürburgring...

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